Lifestyle Elevation Media Group

The Lifestyle Elevation Media Group is a global, independent, digital influencing network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse features and engaging branded content designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment and opportunities for engagement and social action, Lifestyle Elevation Media Group depicts people, places and corporate brands in our online world through a positive lens, activating a response to what we share daily.

Simply put, we are an eclectic community of media moguls and news journalists who focus on sharing global news to elevate your mind, body and spirit. Lifestyle Elevation Media Group online publications embody the essence of truth, substance, stability and power. Our media brand social initiatives reflect the best in health, art, business news, digital technology, style, sports, entertainment and a superfluous number of interest stories that highlight special events and charity foundations.

Our Editorial Team’s motto is:  The true grandeur of humanity is in moral elevation, sustained, enlightened and decorated by the intellect of man –  quote by Charles Sumner